Crest Nicholson South – Consultant of the Year 2022

Crest Nicholson South – Consultant of the Year 2022

Crest Nicholson South – Consultant of the Year Award 2022

“The finalists are, Withers Design Associates Limited, Calcinotto and HGP Architects Limited”

“This award goes to a consultant who has worked with the South division and wider Crest group for over 10 years, consistently delivering a high-quality collaborative service.

Their business focus solely on housing developers ensures they understand our pressures and they go above and beyond to support the team.

Congratulations goes to our winner, Withers Design Associates Ltd”

The team at Withers Design Associates have worked with the Crest Nicholson Group since the Company Started 14 years ago. Mike Withers has worked with Crest Nicholson many years prior.

We have worked with Crest Nicholson: South, Southwest, Eastern, Chiltern and London over the years, and are proud of the Sites we have designed for them.

So Friday 9th December 2022 was a very proud evening for us at the Crest Nicholson South Awards.

We were delighted to be awarded their Consultant of the Year Award for 2022.

This award is given to one Consultant, out of all the different Consultancy Disciplines, each year. So to be nominated by the Crest South Technical Team and then awarded is a great honour.

Mike with Technical Manager Shajani Vivekananthan and Senior Technical Manager Laura Barratt

Mike with Shajani Vivekananthan and Technical Director Gordon Andrews