Cambridge City Football Club

Cambridge City Football Club

Cambridge City Football Ground

  • Location: Cambridge
  • Client: Crest Nicholson – Eastern Region

About The Development

Crest Nicholson took over the site with planning consent for 138 houses, proposing a different mix of apartments and town houses, and aspirations for the site to have a real focal point to honour the history as the home of Cambridge City Football Club.

This brought input from Kickstart for art installations and specific open spaces to echo the past: The players’ tunnel is still marked on the site as an arbour walkway into the development.

An interesting website to visit: – Set up by crest Nicholson to bring art into the project at Mitchams Park.

Site Location


The aesthetic considerations were again important

Levels design was particularly challenging given the built up surroundings and need to achieve gravity drainage.

The nearest foul outfall was over 200m away, via a road already populated with extensive utilities plant and a large diameter surface water sewer, and where road closure was not an option.

With a mix of residential and retail units, design requirements and criteria varied at close quarters to each other.


To maintain a flat site, larger diameter surface water pipes were used along with shallow gradients

After encouraging further investigation,  an unrecorded foul sewer was revealed nearer to the site that reduced the extent of works and avoided works in an adjoining major highway route.

To avoid road closure and complex excavation around extensive buried utilities, Auger Boring was used off site to connect to the foul sewer outfall.

25th April 2017