Felbridge Nurseries, Crawley Down Road, Felbridge

Felbridge Nurseries, Crawley Down Road, Felbridge

Felbridge Nurseries

  • Location: Crawley Down Road, Felbridge
  • Client: Linden Homes

About This Development

A Development on the former site of Felbridge Nurseries, Crawley Down Road, Felbridge, set in a beautiful semi-rural setting surrounded by open land and woodland.

10 large detached luxury family homes were provided, together with associated garages, landscaping and large areas of open space.

Site Location


The development scheme was heavily driven by the Sustainable Drainage scheme, taking the opportunity of the open space areas available to utilise swales and other natural drainage features to enhance the landscape.

The size and nature of individual houses meant bespoke solutions were needed for each property.

Prestigious development. We always aim for aesthetic designs, mindful of where we place drainage runs, manholes and alike. This site especially needed to be aesthetically pleasing given the luxury specification, high-end market placing and rural environment.


Although Soil conditions were not conducive to compliant infiltration drainage, Suds features were designed to allow what infiltration was possible, with the remainder discharging to the boundary watercourse at controlled rates.

The Suds scheme was designed to offer bio-diversity as well as reducing flood risk to the local area and watercourse network.

As with all our development schemes, the drainage systems were designed and modelled with the latest industry leading hydraulic software to ensure compliance with all current regulations.

The external finishes of the scheme were designed & detailed to compliment the prestigious nature of the development.

25th April 2017